We select quality

Here at Biscottificio Momo we are very attentive to the quality of our products. We want them to be good and healthy as if they were homemade by each of you. Like the cookies that our grandparendts made when we were kids.

That’s why we choose ingredients from our land, butter from our Alps, fresh eggs and flours from our fields, that give fragrance and unmistakable perfume to our cookies.

We love what we do

We have been very attentive in the search of the tastes of our products.

We discussed with people, with who loves our sweets, to be able to find the unique flavor that only our love for what we do can give.

We have renounced, where it was possible, to the mechanisation to leave place to tradition.

We unite the two halves of our Baci (Kisses) by hand, the filling of our cookies with chocolate is made like one time, created one by one like single masterpieces of taste.


The packaging

We reserve particular attention at the packaging of our cookies as well.

We package our cookies in stay-fresh tub and single-serve to keep unaltered the quality of our products.

The packaging is maybe one of the few moments in which technology took the place of man, but only to satisfy the exigences of our clients and of the market, and keep unaltered the freshness of our products.

The Momo CDL cookie factory is synonymous with quality and taste.