Our story

Our firm was founded in the early ‘900 in a small farming village, involving the entire family around the old village bakery.

Until 1969 Achille, the father, continues the tradition, contributing in spreading the good name of the company until our days.

Today, thanks to the efforts of the family and of all the contributors, our firm is known and appreciated from a lot of people that every day taste the result of our work.


We keep traditions

Our Company was born in a small farming village, Sant’Antonino di Saluggia, wrapped around its nice church dated 1500, dedicated to the local saint which gives his name to the village.

Its people, until few years ago, was completely dedicated to farming. Simple people, linked to traditions and to their good land.

Still today, despite all the changes, this link is still alive and can be found in many small things, such as in local cookies: many varieties of short pastries.

When you taste them, alone or with a good glass of wine, you can discover how simple and good they are. These recipes, passed on in the generations, have been adapted to nowadays needs, but always respecting our principle: quality.

Momo CDL Dolce is quality. You will never stop loving us.